WhatsApp Plus Blue APK Download Latest (Official) Version 2024

WhatsApp operation has come an important part of our lives. We use it regularly for drooling with our musketeers and family. We also use it for transferring filmland, vids, audio, documents, etc to our connections. Group exchanges are also useful for making a group converse easier for groups of musketeers or business associates.

But substantially WhatsApp is used only for messaging. Have you ever allowed about making messaging experience more better and instigative? How about using animated gifs in your dispatches and using different textbook styles? Unfortunately, WhatsApp doesn’t allow you to do that. But Blue WhatsApp Plus has all these features to offer.

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK

Blue WhatsApp Plus is a dupe of the original WhatsApp operation. It’s principally a modified interpretation of WhatsApp. But along with those features, it has numerous other new features added. These new and unique features are present in Blue WhatsApp Plus only and you can’t find them in the original WhatsApp operation.

Blue WhatsApp Plus is an easy-to-use operation. The operation has no issues and works impeccably fine. Some of the unique features that Blue WhatsApp Plus offers are downloading media that can only be viewed formerly, saving deleted dispatches, hiding your status, etc. It’s free for everyone to download and use.

Info of Blue WhatsApp Plus

NameBlue WhatsApp Plus
Requirements5.0 +
Last Update1 hour ago


What’s WhatsApp Plus Blue APK?

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is a mod interpretation of WhatsApp that gives you choices that aren’t available in the original operation. It has a blue theme and offers a lot of customization features. Customization of operations isn’t allowed in the original WhatsApp. But in Blue WhatsApp, you can change the themes and colors of the operation.

Piecemeal from themes, Blue WhatsApp Plus APK also offers numerous other features like don’t disturb mode. The DND mode allows you to dissociate the internet for Blue WhatsApp, while your phone is still connected to the internet. You can close exchanges with secret words, or you can customize sequestration for exchanges as well as for the whole operation.

You can see deleted dispatches from exchanges. And you also admit an announcement if someone deletes a communication. With a communication scheduler, you can shoot dispatches on a specified date and time. And with broadcast communication, you can shoot a single communication to multi donors.

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is free to download and install. And is fluently available on any third-party websites.

Why Download WhatsApp Plus Blue APK?

The verity is that we all are addicted to and obsessed with technology. The simplicity and ease of using operations make us like them indeed more. But with simplicity, we also like some personalization and customization. So, WhatsApp with its introductory features and simpler interface is cool, but what if it starts allowing druggies to change the colors of the interface? And how would you feel if you were the first one among your musketeers to have this point?

So, hold your breath because you can have all this in the newest and advanced mod interpretation of WhatsApp. Yes, Blue WhatsApp Plus APK offers you full personalization and customization experience. There are numerous mods available, but Blue WhatsApp Plus APK is the most stylish among them. Because it has way further customization features as compared to other mods.

Along with customization, it has enhanced sequestration and security features as well. It’s a largely compatible operation that can be run on any device having Android 5.0 or over. It isn’t available for iPhones presently, but Android druggies can enjoy all features without any restrictions. So, if you’re an Android stoner, also you should go for it.

Features Of WhatsApp Plus Blue

Unlimited Themes

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK by Dereliction comes with a blue theme. But the operation has numerous other themes available in the theme pool. You can choose and apply any of these themes. You can change the colors of the operation, the color of the icon, and the color of the announcement icons as well.

Call Settings

The original WhatsApp has call settings only for setting up ringtones. While in Blue WhatsApp Plus APK you have advanced call settings. You can circumscribe any contact or an unknown number from calling you. You can apply these settings to both individualities and groups.

Anti-Revoke dispatches

When you’re using the original WhatsApp operation. It gives the right to the sender they can cancel their transferred dispatches. So, once the sender has unsent a communication, you can’t read it. But with Blue WhatsApp Plus APK, you can read the deleted communication. As Blue WhatsApp has anti-revoke dispatches features, which save the deleted dispatches and you can read them latterly.

Hide your filmland and vids from the gallery

In the original WhatsApp operation, your media from exchanges can be seen in the gallery. There’s no way that you can hide it in the gallery. But Blue WhatsApp Plus APK has this special point, which helps you to hide your media in the gallery. You can enable the operation to circumscribe saving images and vids in the gallery. In this way, your data will only be seen in exchanges and not in the gallery.

Group Mention Point

Still, also presumably all the dispatches in the group will irk you If you’re in a group. So, you may or may not mute the group announcements. This will give you peace from announcements but what if someone sends a communication for you only? You’ll miss that communication too. That’s why Blue WhatsApp Plus APK has this point, where the sender can mention any specific receiver.

In this way, the specific party of the group, who was mentioned by the sender will be notified about the communication. He can also see and reply to that communication.

In this way, the specific party of the group, who was mentioned by the sender will be notified about the communication. He can also see and reply to that communication.

Hide Your Last Seen Status

Blue WhatsApp Plus allows you to hide your last seen status update. This point was introduced to give you further sequestration. You can choose to hide your last seen status from settings. Your connections won’t be suitable to see your last seen time and date. therefore, you can enjoy your peace and sequestration.

Do Not Disturb Mod (DND)

When you’re doing commodity important on your phone and WhatsApp dispatches keep popping up on your screen. This annoys you occasionally. But with Blue WhatsApp Plus APK, you can get relief from these pop-up announcements. All you have to do is, spark the DND mode. This will dissociate the internet for Blue WhatsApp Plus APK.

But you’ll be suitable to use the internet on all other operations on your phone. So, you won’t be disturbed by the dispatches from WhatsApp presently.

Hide your exchanges

Blue WhatsApp Plus APK allows you to hide your exchanges from the main Converse box. In this way, you can get further sequestration and your exchanges will be hidden from the converse box. No bone except you’ll be suitable to read those exchanges.

Communication Scheduler

Still, or anniversary in the forthcoming days, If you have an important birthday. The communication scheduler is one stylish point for you. You can simply class and save a communication. also set a date and time for that communication.

Shoot dispatches to unknown figures

In original WhatsApp, you must save a number before transferring a communication. But with Blue WhatsApp Plus APK, you can shoot dispatches to unknown figures without saving them.

Operation Cinch

To give redundant security to druggies, Blue WhatsApp Plus APK has an erected-in operation cinch. You can set up a leg, word, or point to lock your operation. This will give a redundant subcaste of security to your exchanges and data. Only you’ll be suitable to pierce your account after entering the word.

High-resolution Media Participating

The original WhatsApp is known for lowering the quality of Filmland and vids that you shoot in Converse. But Blue WhatsApp Plus APK maintains the quality of both images and videos and allows you to shoot high-resolution media to your connections.

Status Downloader

In the original WhatsApp operation, you can only view the status of your connections. And if you want their status update, you’ll have to ask them to shoot in a communication. But with Blue WhatsApp Plus, you can directly download or copy the status update of your musketeers while viewing.

  • System Conditions
  • Android5.0 or after
  • A minimal 1 GB RAM
  • Minimum 50 MB free space
  • Quadrangle- a core or better processor
  • How to Download Blue WhatsApp Plus APK?

    Blue WhatsApp Plus APK isn’t a sanctioned operation, but a mod interpretation of the original WhatsApp operation. thus, it isn’t available on Google Play Store for download. You’ll have to download it from a third-party website. To download and install Blue WhatsApp, follow the way

  • Hunt for Blue WhatsApp Plus on Google.
  • Download the Blue WhatsApp Plus APK train from a trusted website.
  • After the download is complete go to file director and open the APK train.
  • Tap on the install button.
  • It’ll ask for warrants, also go to settings, and allow unknown sources.
  • The installation will continue and the app will be installed.
  • Open the Blue WhatsApp Plus.
  • Agree to all terms and conditions and also give your mobile number and confirm.
  • An OTP will be transferred to your mobile number. Enter it to corroborate your account.
  • What’s New in Blue WhatsApp Plus APK?

    Blue WhatsApp Plus is a mod interpretation of the original WhatsApp operation which offers you numerous instigative features like anti-revoke dispatches, don’t disturb mode, communication scheduler, transferring high-quality images and vids, hiding your exchanges, etc. It provides all the introductory features of messaging and calling that are available in WhatsApp.

    So, you can say that piecemeal from numerous security and sequestration features, customization features are what make Blue WhatsApp Plus APK different and unique from the original WhatsApp operation as well as from other mod performances of WhatsApp.


    How can I get Blue WhatsApp Plus?

    Blue WhatsApp Plus is third-party software. So, it isn’t available on the Google play store. You’ll have to download the APK from a third-party website to use Blue WhatsApp Plus.

    Is Blue WhatsApp Plus safe?

    Yes, Blue WhatsApp Plus APK uses the sanctioned waiters of the original WhatsApp operation. So, your exchanges are saved on the garçon. That’s why they’re safe. And also your account won’t get banned.

    Final Words

    Despite the fact that there are millions of WhatsApp MODs available, Blue WhatsApp is the most personalized and various. It uses far further personalization ways than any other MOD without requesting a one- time or recreating payment from you.